Which To Choose? Graphics Design Or Web Design

Deciding the right path to redeem your future job somehow complicating, not to mention the same kind of industry job like web design and graphic design. The job scope is very similar, they both in designing. To differentiate them is by looking at their various terms when designing. For example, UX and UI for Web Design Malaysia but flat design and Material design is for graphic design.

As you look closely web design and graphic design is not the same, it is not in the same industry. People will get confused when hearing the word “art designer” because some company use it to called graphic designer and web designer. Besides, the software and design tools they use practically the same.


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Web Design

Web design are the ones that created and also maintaining websites. Web design has different area of web design including wed graphic design, interface design, authoring, including standardize code and proprietary software, user experience design and search engine optimization. Some people will cover all of them, whoever has more skills towards i part of the websites they will funneled directly.


graphic design


Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a visual communicator and problem solver, they use one or more typography, photography and illustration to make sure it deliver the information. Graphic designer creates and combine shaped, images, symbol and text to design out a visual that represent idea and messages. They would use visual arts, typography, and page space and layout to create visual compositions.


Web design vs Graphic design

  • Color

Graphic design usually work on CMYK color mode due to end results is printing.

They have different and more variety of color because it focus more on visual impact. While web design have specific color like RGB (Red, Green, Blue), this is based on screen specifications. It also focuses on making a relation between the information and user. For web to much strong color can cause visual disturb to the use.

  • Fonts

Typically, designer are free choosing their own font to put inside their design, that’s why graphic designer has the freedom on font as it just outcome either printed or just for display, not for web designer. Font for web is limited as not everyone has the privilege of the same font. HTML are created with limited font, it register only default font and based on user’s operating system. With the advancement of technologies and current API that based on HTML5, web designer could achieve the uses of personalized fonts without worrying.

  • Graphics

Web graphics is more simple than graphic design, because graphic design has a lot of complex design and it ended just only with static visual performance. It also make an idea become realistic and clear. Moreover, graphic is just static you don’t need to think about any coding or scripting to make it move.

After reading all the paragraph, you decide what’s suites you the most? If you are looking to join and venture out on web design in malaysia. You are at the right path. We are searching more web designer in malaysia.



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